How the 100 days of code can boost your knowledge;

and how it improved mine

How it works;

Let me explain quickly how it works:
You setup your Twitter account and then you commit to 100 days with at least 1 hour of coding every day.
This 100 days is ment to learn and dive into tutorials, courses and projects to expand your coding knowledge.
And the most important fact is the commitment to learn and code for 100 days in a row.
That is all you need to get started!

But wait!
Just wait 5 minutes before you do, because I will tell you how it can give your knowledge a huge boost!

What it can do for you;

Putting effort in learning besides your normal daily planning can be a difficult task, because we all tend to be busy and we all know the “well, let’s get into that after….”
With the 100 Days of Code it’s mandatory to share your progress on Twitter and that was the trick for me.
It was now calculated into my daily routine and after a month, that extra hour wasn’t even noticable anymore.
Now it belongs to my daily routine and my skills are improving big time and I even feel quilty when I skip a day because life get’s in between!

And it doesn’t matter if you read a book, follow some course like Freecodecamp or maybe CodeCademy, Udemy or which other courses there are available.
It’s about consistency, because consistency is the key to success!

If you go for it every day, even when you do a little, you get better in predicting solutions.
You’ll get better in writing code. It starts to become cleaner. You start to see possibilities and the further you’ll get, the more opputunities will show up.
You finally can dive into that long wanted framework or finally are able to understand that specific language you wanted to write, but didn’t understand anything about at first.

What it did for me;

For me the 100 Days of Code was like a rollercoaster! A wild ride into the unknown world of JavaScript, where my knowledge was ZERO.
I was able to make a custom WordPress theme with PHP, HTML and CSS ( SaSS ) already, but giving that final touch with JavaScript did never belong to my options.
Going deep into changing the DOM or making cool calculations were on my list for a while, so I started with Jon Duckett’s book about JavaScript & jQuery.
To mention => That book is perfect for a first JavaScript approuch in my opinion!
It’s very well described, so my first dive into JavaScript went pretty smooth and I started to understand the concepts.
Functions got more clear to me and others JavaScript code finally became readable and even more important => understandable!

After some learning, I started doing a little side project => a memory matching pairs card  game.
With cats!

If you ask me if I did enjoy doing this? Yes, I did!
It’s a good thing to see everything falling into place on the moment you start thinking of the functions needed to turn the cards and match them.
It worked out amazing and where I still had my doubts about my learning before I started that project, it got clear that I got my JavaScript skills improved big time!
Finally I am able to give that finalizing touch if needed for the websites I’m going to make.

Are 100 Days enough for me?
Nah, I’m already halfway my second round!

Also, I can’t stop now. I still want to learn a lot.
React is on my ToDo list and also, since I am working with WordPress mostly, I’d like to learn Laravel too.
Soon I’d like to start writing tutorials about the side-projects I’ll make, so I can learn how to explain which hopefully stimulates my understanding.

So there is more to come and I’ll keep you informed!

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